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The Municipality

Headquarters: Agia Paraskevi, Lesbos

Postal Address: Agia Paraskevi, Lesbos, 81102

City Hall Telephones : 22530 - 31637 / 31039

Mayor’s Telephone: 22530 – 31066

Fax number: 22530 – 31221 / 31039

Telephone / Fax Number Citizen Service Center (Ê.Å.Ð.): 22530-31039

E-mail: &



The Municipality of Agia Paraskevi consists of the Municipal Districts of Agia Paraskevi, Napi and the coastal settlements of Kantri and Messa.
The Town Hall of the Municipality is situated in the town of Agia Paraskvevi, a town of long tradition. The town is hidden in the heart of the island and spreads in a hilly area surrounded by bigger mountains, thus hidden from the main road artery of Lesbos.

This special feature creates a “theatrical” surprise to the visitor who suddenly sees this quite town, resting in the arms of the hills, appearing in front of his eyes. The simple geometrical lines of rural houses and the austere square shapes of the church and the oil press, are harmoniously opposed to the decorated surfaces of the urban mansions and the “objets d’art” on the Educational Institutes and the Town Hall, thus composing a picturesque and impressive image which gives evidence of the prestige and the rise of the town from the mid 19th century to the mid 20th, when most of these buildings were constructed. This impression is even more intensified from the harmony between constructions and natural environment.

At the south lays the fertile valley of Alikes, the Kalloni Gulf, while at the southeast we find the relics of Ancient Pyrra and the Sanctuary of Messa.
At the east, lays the great pine forest of the island and the river Milopotamos with the ruins of old watermills. In this same area we find the old christian Holy Temple of Chalinados, while more to the south lays the archeological site of Messa and further to the south, the relics of ancient Pyrra.

At the west, we find the river Tsiknias, the ancient Temple of Klopedi, the hill of Prophet Elias (where ruins of a prehistoric settlement have been discovered), the historic cave of Agia Paraskevi at the foot of the hill and the Kremasti Bridge.

At the northern part of Agia Paraskevi and at a distance of 3km, lays the picturesque sub-mountainous village of Napi. This village spreads amphitheatrically on the southern slope of Ntoumpa hill, giving a great view of the valley of Agia Paraskevi as well as of the gulf and the mainland, the stunning mountain of Olympus, the Ancient Pyrra and the Makares.

It is a very scenic village, the houses built on the rocky hill, while next to them, a small wood creates a lovely contrast with the yellowish rocks. The agricultural area spreads to mountain olive groves and grazings with bushes and oaks.


Geography, Population

The population of Agia Paraskevi Municipality comes up to 3.000 residents during winter while this number is doubled during summer time for about five months.

The Municipality covers an area of 160.557 roods and is approximately 40km away from Mytilene. It spreads in central Lesbos from Tsiknias river to the west, which sets the administrative limits with Kalloni, and until Achladeri to the south, where the Municipality of Polichnitos begins.

On the boundaries with the Municipality of Agiasos are Kavouropotamos and Ambelia area, while the hill of Apostolleli separates Agia Paraskevi from the Municipality of Evergetoula.

To the east, Koufovouni and Kleftovigla set the boundaries with the Municipality of Thermi, while the hills Kavakli and the hills of Koriani and Petsofa define the boundaries with the Municipalities of Mantamados and Petra respectively. A big part of the pine forest of central Lesbos belongs to the administrative district of Agia Paraskevi. On the south, we find Kalloni gulf which spreads from the mouth of Tsiknias river up to Achladeri, creating 12 km of shores.


Municipal Constructions Development Company

This company deals with the development projects of the municipality, having activity in the field of constructions, in the waste disposal, while it also carries out the program "Aid at Home” for the Municipalities of Agia Paraskevi and Mantamados.