Municipal Unit of Agiasos

Agiasos is a town and a municipality on the island of Lesvos, in Lesvos Prefecture of North Aegean, Greece. 
According to the 2001 national census it has a population of 2.587 inhabitants. Other settlements belonging to the Municipality are Sanatorio with 68, Karini with 18 and the Great Lake with 3 inhabitants.


Agiasos is built amphitheatrically at the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus (968m) at an altitude of 500m. It is surrounded by arable land, olive groves, forests and steep, inaccessible areas. It has a total land area of 79.900 Klm2.

mayorWe welcome you to the website of our Municipality, through which we will show you around the beauties of Agiassos, the magnificent bride of sentinel Olympus, mother of Lesvos’ folk culture and torch-bearer of the fighting spirit of our island.
In my short welcoming speech allow me to sketch in a few words the cast of features of our area and its people.
Agiassos is rich in folk culture. Its inhabitants have always been progressive, hard working, versatile, sagacious people. Since they’ve settled in this blessed place, centuries ago, they’ve never stopped creating things.
They’ve slowly built this beautiful village with its incomparable traditional style.
They struggled to cultivate their land and managed to make it fertile paying them back every year with virgin olive oil and juicy fruit.
Working closely to Mother Nature, they came in touch with the materials, which made them extremely skilled potters and wood carvers renowned for their artistry all around the world.