The Fauna of the area

The Fauna includes an endemic invertebrate, a sub species of Lesvos mammals (Myotis blythi lesviacus), 4 kinds of birds, 5 species of mammals, 4 kinds of amphibian reptiles (which are included in the European Community instruction 92/43 concerning the protection of species), 3 kinds protected by the Greek Law (Presidential Decree 67/81) and other 6 kinds which are characterized as endangered in need of protection. 


The area hosts 4 kinds of bats, which are included in the E.U. instruction 92/43 (Miniopterus schreibersii, Myotis blythi, Myotismyotis, Rhinolophus blasii). 
In the same area there are important habitats for mammals surviving on a limited range in our country, such as the squirrel (Sciurus anomalous) commonly known as “galia”. In addition, other common species in the area are the Ottoman Viper (Vipera xanthina) and the Dragon (Agama stellio). However, according to the Red Book these reptiles are considered very rare. The area hosts four more reptiles included in the 92/43/EU direction for the protection of endangered species, (Testudo graeca, Emys orbicularis, Mauremys caspica, Elaphe situla). 
Moreover, the chestnut grove is the home of many rare birds including Sitta Krueperi protected by the 79/409/EU direction and “tourkotsobanos” an endemic species found in eastern Lesvos and Asia Minor.


Other important endangered species are Erinaceus concolor, Archon apollinus, Allancastria cerysii (protected by the Presidential Decree 67/81), Lepidoptera Heodes alciphron and Erynnis marloyi, Cordulegaster charpentieri, Epallage Fatima, Platycnemis pennipes and finally the invertebrate Hydraena filum.