Trekking Paths

° Route 1 (Section 1): Agiasos (War Memorial)-Kameno Aloni-Marmaro-Olympus... >>>
At the south entrance of the village, opposite the War Memorial begins the cobble-paved path crossing the orchards of the area called “Folidi-Kadi Vrisi”. This path moves upwards to “Miladra”- an area with chestnut groves - meeting the rural road at the area “Kameno Aloni”.
Although the way to the right leads to a dead end, there starts the path leading to the rocky peak of Mount Olympus at the spot called “Marmaro”.


° Route 1 (Section2): Agiasos (Apesos)-Patsavoura-Marmaro... >>>
Enter the village at the south entrance. Turn right at Anagnostirio and St. Sotira, pass “Apesos” neighborhood and follow the cobble-paved path, which splits into two different paths at Iliogramenos fountain. Follow the crooked right path across the orchards and chestnut groves. Pass the areas called St. Spyridon and Poles and reach Patsavoura fountain.
Turn right into the dead end rural way, which leads to “Kameno Aloni”. It ends at the cobble-paved path of Route 1 (Section 1). After reaching the area called “Marmaro” follow the path leading to the peak of Mount Olympus.


° Route 2: Agiasos (Slaughter House)-Kasteli-Karkavoura-Saint Dimitris... >>>
Just before the South entrance of the village, on the left, there is the Carnival museum and the Folk Art Exhibition Centre of the Municipality of Agiasos. At that spot turn right passing the Old Slaughter Houses and follow the cobble-paved path. Pass Saint Basil chapel and move upwards through the pine forest to the top of Kasteli Hill. Make a stop and admire the magnificent panoramic view. You will find Archangel Michael’s Chapel and remnants of a medieval fortress. It is a beautiful spot to rest and quench your thirst with the fresh water of the spring. Just before the peak of the hill there is Saint Fanourios Chapel.
A path begins to descend in the ravine leading to Karkavoura Creek, which springs at the slopes of Mount Olympus. Its riversides are overgrown with luscious vegetation. Predatory birds have their nests on the steep sides of the gorge (more information is to be found in Unit: Natural Environment-B1.General-The Pine Forest of the Great Lake.)
The way following the riverbed meets the old road connecting Mitylene-Polichnitos at the height of Saint Dimitrios area with its picturesque little cafes, the beautiful orchards and clear waters.


° Route 3: Agiasos (St.John)-St. Constantine-St.Efstratios-Panagiouda-Sanatorio... >>>
At the South Entrance of the village turn right from Anagnostirio and Saint Sotira, pass “Apesos” neighbourhood and follow the cobble-paved path, which splits into two at Iliogrammenos Fountain. Follow the left path passing by the chapels of St. John, St. Constantine, St. Efstratios and Panagiouda at the area of Bizelia, cross the pine forest, an old cemetery on the left and reach the Main Street of Agiasos-Palaeochori just some metres below Sanatorio.


° Route 4: Agiasos - St. George - St. Paneras – Tsokelos - Andria... >>>
Pass the picturesque Market Square of Agiasos and take the cobble-paved streets of “Boutzalia” neighbourhood. Pass the chapel of St. George (Kavikou) and reach the Main Road connecting Agiasos to Megalochori. Further up the road you will meet St. Paneras chapel and from then on starts a maze of rural roads and paths covering a large area.
At the first junction the rural road on the left leads to the site called “Kalami” while on the right there is a cobble-paved path leading to the rural road of the site “Thoukar Pets”.
Further on, the same road leads to “Liakas”, an area covered with olive groves. There you will meet the second junction of the “Tsolekos” cobble-paved path going down to “Adria” and the rural road leading to “Thoukar Pefts. Taking the road to the right you will meet a cobble-paved path on the left going to “Karionas”(Walnut grove), which also leads to “Adria”.
If however, you keep walking on the main path you will pass a site called “Peristeries” where you can admire the wonderful panoramic view of the valley of Evergetoulas, the Gulf of Gera, Amalis Peninsula, Mitylene Canal and Asia Minor coastline. Further on you can meet the rural road of “Psoriaris” which begins above Sanatorio and after crossing the site of “Adria” goes down to Evergetoulas valley.