Municipal Unit of Gera

Welcome to Gera,

Our region embraces the homonymous gulf, which was characterised as a wonder of the nature by the great Winston Churchill and Eleftherios Venizelos. For Gera’s inhabitants, the gulf is their soul and breath, major natural monument, one of the most beautiful of the Mediterranean. It captivates the senses and was berhymed by the Nobel Prize winner, Odysseas Elytis.

Long before Christ’s birth, the six villages of Gera, at first Skopelos and Messagros, later on Papados, Palaiokipos and Perama were developed next to this gulf. Historical monuments, industrial buildings, majestic mansions, wonderful churches, fantastic beaches, rich vegetation, endless olive groves denote and confirm the economic prosperity and cultural flourish of Gera.

Loyal to tradition, we want to combine the past with the present in order to create the future. Hard-workers, optimists, methodical, mindful of the environment and friendly to people, we try to preserve and develop all these gifts that nature generously offered us.

Of course, we are not the exclusive possessors of all the above. We want to share them with you, and we are waiting for you to visit us and meet this place and its people, experience its beauties, enjoy its abundance of goods and admire its modern achievements, but first of all, meet a place where genuine people still exist.