Local Products

The Municipality of Gera extends to the southeast side of Lesvos, covered by lush vegetation. Many thousands of sq.km with olive groves, hills overwhelmed by pine forests, lacy beaches and picturesque little villages compose a landscape of infinite natural beauty, which enchants the visitor by the first sight. The beautiful village squares with the huge plane trees and the picturesque coffee shops, the numerous country churches spread all over the region and above all the Gulf of Gera, this wonderful natural monument, contributed to the fact that Municipality of Gera is known all over Greece.

Olives and olive oil are Gera’s main resource. During the fruitful years, the “maxoulia” as they are called, everybody is happy and works hard to collect olives and produce oil. The olive picking in Gera, as in the whole island, is a painful work that must be done by hand. The olive fields are sloping and steep, that is why in the past people built terraces (“pezoules” and “setia”), to create levels supporting the fruits and water and facilitate the olive picking. Despite the broad rural road network of Gera, there are still old rural paths, cobblestone trails (doussimedes), leading to the fields.

Besides its natural beauties, since the old times the gulf has been known for the variety of its delicious fish and seafood. The tasty red mullet is exceptional. The gulf’s sardine is also famous. An old fishing method, “Taliani” is still used even today. A sea area, which is a fish passage, is enclosed using stakes with net at the sides and at its bottom. The school of fish passes in and is trapped. As soon as the “Taliantzis” (the man who practises taliani) sees the trapped fish, he closes the door at the entrance. The fish are collected and sold to the market.

The region of Gera has been also famous for its ouzo, since about 1800. Today, two small-scale industries producing ouzo are in operation at the region. In addition, its traditionally made desserts and especially the syrup pastries, such as “baklavas”, are delicious.