Municipal Unit of Mantamados

Our Municipality of Mantamados (comprised of the Lesvian villages of Mantamados, Kapi, Kleio and Pelopi) welcomes you to its new website.

The technological advances of recent years and the revolution in computer  science prompted us to take action, and in order to not be left behind, we have  created a website where we can meet and provide information on our community. We hope that in this way we will be able to provide our citizens, friends and anyone who wishes to know us better with a quick and easy way to reach us.

Of course, this site will not be something static and inactive, but rather a constantly updated and renewable endeavor where we will be posting any and all information we consider useful for our citizens and friends.

The Municipality of Mantamados, located in the north-eastern part of the island of Lesvos, has several unique social, economic and cultural aspects that make it a worthwhile destination.

Its economic significance, outside of the local olive oil production that can be found throughout the island of Lesvos, is centred upon its livestock and dairy production. A number of small and medium size dairy farms from out area produce top quality products (cheeses, yogurt, meats, etc.) that are making a name for themselves far beyond our island’s shores. Of course our top-grade olive oil, honey, ceramics, fish, et al, also contributes to our community’s income.

Numerous beautiful beaches on our municipality’s extensive shoreline (Pedi, Aspropotamos, Langada, Tsonia, Palio and Yeni Limani, etc) provide easy access to the sea and all its pleasures for our guests and locals alike.

Mantamados also has a rich cultural tradition with many historical sites and events that range from the pious and subdued to the festive and flamboyant, offering something for everyone. Humble chapels from centuries past with their annual patron saints’ days, as well as several regal cathedrals from the 18th century such as the Taxiarhis, the Panagia of Kapi, and of course St. Stephanos which dates back to the Byzantine Empire. One can also admire relics of the island’s ancient history, as well as its latter day folk traditions, both in the countryside and in our four villages, all of which make their unique contribution to the traditions of the isle of Lesvos.

At the heart of our municipality, the administrative center of Mantamados; reserved and economically advanced Kapi; traditional Kleio that brushes up against our shores; and Pelopi at the foothills of Lepetymnou, all make their own special contribution to the mosaic of our community. And one mustn’t forget the abandoned village of Koukmidos that serves as a testament to our common history with the current residents of Asia Minor.

The Municipality of Mantamados, a quaint community comprised of four villages in NE Lesvos, is constantly striving to keep up with the times, while maintaining its own unique character. This is undoubtedly a tall order for a small community like ours, but we believe that we should always keep trying for the best.

The Hon. Mayor of Mandamados,
Stephanos Apostolou