Citizen’s Bureau

The K.E.P. Citizens’ Services Center was established by the Municipality of Mantamados in August of 2004 at the restored neoclassical building that once housed the town’s Lyceum, in order to limit the bureaucratic procedures that heretofore hindered citizens’ transactions with public agencies.

When residents of our municipality come to the K.E.P. in Mantamados, they can receive information on all matters relating to public services, obtain and submit application forms and other official documents, and complete transactions (that would otherwise have required numerous visits to several state agencies) in a friendly and pleasant environment.

Specifically, residents can obtain information and complete transactions relating to:

  • Registrations and authorizations of documents
  • Issuance or renewal of passports
  • Automobile or motorcycle ownership transfers
  • Birth certificate and registry confirmations
  • Changes in permanent residency
  • Military service issues
  • Business licenses
  • Court decisions
  • Payment of fines and/or fees
  • Confirmation of signature authenticity
  • Tax statements
  • Drivers’ licenses

  • Furthermore, the Municipality of Mantamados’ KEP center assists citizens with their insurance and retirement benefits, such as:

        -Filing for retirement benefits
        -Issuance and renewal of health benefit booklets
        -Filing for supplemental medical benefits

    The Municipality of Mantamados’ KEP center is open daily from 8 am until 230 pm.

    Director: Mr. Panagiotis Samaras
    Staff: Mr. Efstratios Mahairas – Mr. Panagiotis Karmiris
    Tel.: 22530 61784 – 22530 61201
    Fax: 22530 61201