Development Company


The Municipality of Mandamados, in an effort to further develop and promote the district, as well as to preserve its tradition, proceeded to the founding of a non profit society. On June 9th 2005, the Municipality of Mandamados, represented by the Mayor Mr. Stefanos Apostolou, and the associations listed below:

· Association of Women and Young Ladies of Mandamados “Omonia”
· Athletic and Cultural Association of Mandamados “O Taxiarhis”
· Cultural- Educational Association of Women of Klios
· Women’s Association of Kapi
· Athletic and Cultural Association of Kapi “Anagennisi”
· Women’s Association of Mandamados
· Cultural - Restoration Women’s Association of Pelopi “Profitis Ilias”

Founded a society named “Civil non-profit society of Mandamados municipality”which has the following purpose:

· To run programs for social welfare, public education, care for the elderly, the disabled, the children and the economically feeble, to manage sports, environment protection, and all other social, educational or entertainment projects that aim at improving the living conditions of citizens.
· To preserve, develop and promote the Municipality of Mandamados, Lesbos, and in specific its tradition and local culture, its mild and balanced economic and social growth, to conserve civic life and social consideration.
· To ensure the close cooperation of the associations that form this society for the pursuit of the above values.
· To elaborate and apply common policies for the area’s development, to ensure the exchange of experience and know-how between the members of the society.
· To research, create and promote all necessary measures for the social protection and the promotion of employment.
· To elaborate proposals and promote works aiming at the proper tourism and cultural development of the area, in cooperation with other local authorities.

In the framework of this effort, the society, as early as from December 2005, has been carrying out the program “AID AT HOME” which (as well as the 1st program “AID AT HOME” in cooperation with Aghia Paraskevi Municipality) has been serving more than 120 people, a fact that evidently reveals its necessity as well as the importance of the society and its role in trying to upgrade the living conditions of citizens.