In Mandamados, we can visit the church “Pilgrimage to Taxiarchis”, where the wonder, relief icon of Archangel Michael is found. Taxiarchis is the protector of the village and the whole island. His fame is known is the entire Greece and for this reason thousands of pilgrims visit the church to ask for his blessing and his protection.

On the central square of the village lies the Temple of Saint Vassilios, which is decorated with an ornate, carved wooden chancel with engraved representations.
It is obvious that the religious tradition influenced at a high level the residents of the Municipality. Many of them became involved with Byzantine art (Byzantine music, church painting) or became priests.

Especially in the field of church painting, the area has great artists to present, such as Vassilios Kapousouzis and Demosthenes Chatzidimitriou.
Vassilios Kapousouzis started painting from a very small age. He was self-taught and practiced his art for some time in Mytilene. Recognition came later, when he immigrated to the United States, studied in the Fine Arts School, where he excelled, especially in the art of mosaic, and became one of the best-paid artist in the States.

Demosthenes Chatzidimitriou also became involved with church painting from an early age. His love for this art led him to Aghio Oros (Mount Athos), where he perfected his technique and returned to his village to practice it. His works decorate mainly houses in the wider region, as well as churches and small chapels of the Municipality.
Today, in Mandamados, the tradition of church painting is carried on by two workshops, those of Dimitris Chatzianagnostou and Athina Boulboulis.
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