Assistance for elderly people

The Municipality of Mantamados offers two “Help at Home” programs. The objective of these programs is to offer support services to our elderly residents, whether they live alone or not, and their inclusion in the community’s activities to the extent that this is possible.

These programs currently provide services to 65 elderly individuals. The first of these programs includes a social worker, a nurse, and a family assistant that offer their services to the villages of Kapi, Pelopi and Kleio. The second, which caters to the elderly of Mantamados and Aspropotamos, employs the services of a social worker, a nurse, and two family assistants.

The social worker’s responsibilities include social research, the filing of case folders, and the evaluation of the needs of each individual, as well as the provision of psychological support to the program participants, via the realization of scheduled visits to their residences. The social worker also works with the participants’ families, informing them of any circumstances that may arise, while referring individuals with specific needs to other social services, which may include expediting the provision of health or retirement benefits.

Finally, the social worker is responsible for maintaining and updating a file on each participant, which includes each individual’s needs and medical history, the dates and times of their visits.The filing and updating of individual case folders for each participant is one of the social worker’s basic functions. These case folders include social background information, social situation studies, the results of each individual’s daily and monthly observation, as well as a 90-day overview report on each individual participant and the program’s progress.

The nurse’s responsibilities include taking the participants’ blood pressure at every visit, checking their blood sugar and cholesterol levels as needed, provision of shots and /or other medication as needed, personal hygiene, microbiological exams, temperature readings, wound or post operational treatment as required, and finally the provision of first aid assistance whenever required. The nurse also provides instructional information to the participants and their families with regard to proper personal and public hygiene, takes care of their transfers to and from their doctor or the hospital, and fills out their drug prescriptions as required. Nurses are required to maintain daily, monthly and 90-day observation logs for all the participants entrusted to their care.

The responsibilities of the family assistant include caring for and cleaning the elderly participants’ living quarters, as well as taking care of their daily needs such as grocery shopping and doing their laundry, while the participants’ family members are encouraged to work with the family assistant to find the best possible answers to their elderly relative’s problems.

Family assistants are required to maintain a daily and monthly log of their visits to all the participants entrusted to their care. The “Help at Home” programs administered by the Municipality of Mantamados also offer their elderly participants a variety of gifts on holidays like Christmas and Easter, which along with the municipal staff’s love and concern for their well being, helps them to remember that people are thinking about them, especially on these holy days.

Finally, group excursions are organized to various recreational areas throughout the island for the elderly that they would most probably not attempt if they were on their own or even with their families, since the elderly usually feel more at ease with their peers with whom they share the same life experience. Of course, these excursions could never take place if the elderly didn’t trust our programs’ staff members.

Overall, the “Help at Home” programs are a crucial part of making the lives of our elderly citizens more dignified, comfortable and enjoyable, by helping them to make the most of their later years.