Local Clubs

“OMONIA”, Association of Women and Young Ladies of Mandamados

It is considered as the oldest of all island’s associations and it first officially operated on Christmas 1917.
Its members worked hard and managed to raise the cultural level of the village. During German occupation, and after the civil war, the association ceases operation due to reasons of “social beliefs”. In 1952, with the initiative of Mrs. Ifigenia Tzanou, a lively woman from Mandamados, the association is re-founded and operates until today, under the presidency of Mrs. Aikaterini Gelagotou. The Association has a remarkable presence and demonstrates great work for the community. A result of the Association’s activity is the creation of a folkloric museum “ Restoration of an old house”, in the ground floor of a private residence, where the Association’s offices are also found.
Theatre plays, dancing events, aid to the economically feeble, are but few of the Association’s activities. The Choir, created by the first choir singer Apostolos Karanikolas and still conducted by the music teacher Michael Dissos, aims at preserving and spreading the songs that were much loved in the Municipality.
The Association continues its activities and has the same goals as those of its foundation in 1917, namely, the provision of charity and the cultural development of the village.

The “Kaminia” Cultural & Preservation Club of Aspropotamos

In August of 2000, the Court of First Instance in Mytilene approved the club’s charter with its 112 registered members, under the name “Kaminia”, and an antique pottery kiln as the club’s emblem.

The main purpose of the club’s founding was to address the chronic problems, and any new ones that may arise in the community, with a particular emphasis on preserving the area’s natural environment from the ill effects of industrial and other forms of intrusive human activity. However, the club also undertakes cultural and other initiatives benefiting the community. Thanks to the club’s initiative, many changes have already taken place in the Aspropotamos recreational district. At the club’s urging, signages, as well as speed bumps, have been placed along the area’s main road, urging drivers to limit their speed in the community’s residential areas. Furthermore, thanks once again to the club’s efforts, the community succeeded in providing local KTEL bus service to Aspropotamos during the peak summer tourist season, all the way through to the Troupia residential area. The club also succeeded in securing the placement of a phone booth by the Hellenic Telecom Company OTE in the area.

The club provided the funds for the construction of steel railings on a heavily trafficked bridge in the area, thereby contributing to the safety of pedestrians and vehicles alike, while it also funded the placement of an announcement board, park benches and a stone fountain at the port’s entrance for passers-by, as well as the purchase and placement of beach umbrellas for beachgoers. Tree-planting initiatives have also been organized by the club.

During the summer months, two competitive bicycle tours (one for kids and one for adults) are held, while every Saturday the club’s members participate in a voluntary village cleanliness program. Additionally, a full-moon celebration with traditional music and dancing is organized every month.

Recently a letter of protest that was signed by all of the club’s members was sent to the Ministry of Planning and the Environment, in response to the government’s plans to move an electric generation facility to our area, as well as other polluting facilities such as fuel storage tanks and a garbage dump.

Our objective as a club, aside from our cultural and beautification projects, is to help create people with open hearts and minds, that refuse to remain trapped within their egotistical confines.

Women’s Association of Mandamados

The Women’s Association has been operating since 1977, in the past presided by Elisavet Kexagias and today by Maria Grosomanidou-Chiropaidis. It operates a traditional dances’ class, which consists of children aged 6-18. The women’s activities relate to issues that have to do with women living in rural areas, and the youth. During the past few years, they have taken up the making, packing and trading of traditional products such as frumenty, liquor, fruits, marmalades, soaps etc.

Athletic and Cultural Association “TAXIARCHIS”

This association has been running a football club under the name “Taxiarchis” and aims at spreading to young people the love for sports and noble competition.

The “Prophet Elijah” Cultural and Beautification Club of Pelopi

The “Prophet Elijah” Cultural and Beautification Club was established in 1991 by the ladies of Pelopi and at the initiative of Mrs. Maria Kiahagia, in order to contribute to the moral and ethical advancement of its members, the development of a spirit of camaraderie amongst the women of Pelopi, and the advancement of the educational and cultural advancement of the community, by offering innovative new avenues by which the local population, and our young people in particular, can use their free time constructively, and actively partake in the preservation of our cultural heritage. The club’s membership currently stands at 42.

The club organizes and participates in a variety of activities, that are not only limited to the spiritual development of the community, but also helps in the preservation, restoration and utilization of neglected works of art, irrespective of whether they belong to our religious or cultural heritage.

The club’s patron saint is the Prophet Elijah, in whose honor a celebration is held every year on the day before his holiday (July 19th), as per the ecclesiastical calendar, which culminates in the mass which is held at the chapel that bears his name, and is located on one of the tallest and most beautiful peaks of Lepetymnou.