The region of Mithymna

Mithymna (Molivos), the small mountainous villages Vafios, Argenos, Lepetymnos, Sikamia and the traditional fishing village of Skala Sikamia constitute the Municipality of Mithymna.

:: Vafios


Vafios, the picturesque village, is located 4km far of Mithymna (Molivos). Built in the foot of Lepetymnos mountain, one can enjoy the panoramic views of 
Aegean Sea and taste the traditional cuisine in local taverns.

:: Argenos


Argenos is the next village after Vafios. It is a mountainous village, built in the slopes of mountain Lepetymnos. Here, you can enjoy the views of Minor 
Asia and taste the local recipes in the traditional taverns at the small square in the center of the village.

:: Lepetymnos (Chalikas)


Because of the subsidence of the earth, after an earthquake in the 60s, residents of the village were forced to be moved few kms down from their initial 
place and to make a new beginning. In Lepetymnos exists the church of Virgin Mary, where on the 15th of August in its courtyard the Fiesta of Holy Mary 
(PANIGIRI PANAGIAS) is celebrated with traditional life music, local food etc. and it is very popular to the locals and the foreigners as well.

:: Sikamia


The stone houses and the mansions are harmonious built in the green slopes of mount Lepetymnos. In Sikamia Stratis Myrivilis was born, the writer of famous 
novels and the masterpiece "The Schoolteacher with the Golden Eyes".

:: Skala Sikamias


One of the most beautiful places in Lesvos. A traditional settlement that attracts many visitors, especially in during summertime. The landscape is magical,  at the end of small fishing port, on a rock is built the small church of "Virgin Mary the Mermaid". Shaped in a semicircle, traditional taverns can be found around the harbour, where the fishermen sell their fish.