Municipal Unit of Polichnitos

Welcome to the Municipality of Polichnitos


The Municipality of Polichnitos is the result of merging of the exquisite villages and settlements of Vasiliks, Lisvori, Polichnitos, Skala Polichnitou, Nifida, Vrissa, Vatera and Stavros. These areas combine landscapes of exceptional natural beauty marked by the presence of man since ancient times. The Municipality of Polichnitos is located in the southwestern part of the island (45 km from the island capital, Mitilini) plumed by olive groves, pinewoods, water springs and fabulous beaches.

The name Polichnitos is a compound of the Greek words for “many traces” and according to a folk tale, numerous very small villages, primarily located on the coast, were forced to move to their present location away from the sea in fear of  Saracen pirates. Their current location is surrounded by barrows and is therefore out of sight for anyone approaching the Kalloni bay and the Aegean Sea.

This location is known for the Paleolithic tools discovered here and the systematic record and study of animal fossils in the area of Vatera. Visitors can tour countless Paleochristian churches, monasteries, picturesque country tabenacles and marvel at the unique stone structures of present day settlements, the Folk Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the thermal baths of Polichnitos and Lisvori and the Kalloni bay and Almiropotamos reserves.
All these sites are combined with the vastitude of the Vatera and Nifida beaches, cozy accommodations in local hotel complexes and fresh fish and shellfish picked up from the bay, ouzo and coffee, which visitors can enjoy in the numerous shops located on the beach.

Municipal Unit of Polichnitos